Basic Truth’s

By Michael Martin CH, BMS

LEARNING THE BASIC’S – Changing Your Life.  Hypnosis Behavior Modification 
Try to see if you can consciously consistently passionately do it automatically,  yet unconnected to the outcome/result in a way you don’t beat yourself up!

  1. Whatever you think about most of the time you become.
  2. Whether you think you can, or, you think you can’t, you are absolutely right,
  3. Thought becomes energy, energy becomes actions, actions manifest reality.
  4. Whatever you focus your mind on, be it negative or positive, you get negative or positive reality.
  5. The more emotionally upset – passionate – obsessed you are about something, the greater it materializes.
  6. The more you focus on what you don’t want, the more you will find you get what you don’t want.
  7. The more you try to NOT think about something, the more you become focused on it.
  8. The more you focus on what you want, the more you will get what you want.
  9. When there is mental or emotional conflict about what you want, you are delayed or stopped in getting it.
  10. Where there is mental and emotional synergy (consciously & sunconsciously) in what you want, you will create it.
  11. The more passionate you feel it, think it, see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, touch it, live it, the more you become it – receive it.
  12. The more you are absolutely willing and open to change, the faster you get what you want.
  13. The more passionate you are absolutely willing to be do have what it takes having what you want – the faster it arrives.
  14. BE IT first in your mind, for your having the ability to DO IT, creating your ability to HAVE IT.
  15. Be Expectant, Open to and willing to accept what you want in whatever manner method and / or form it comes in.
  16. Claim your inheritance – Thankful and grateful as if you already have what you want, BEFORE it has materialized.
  17. You are like a plant – when your green your growing – when your ripe – you rot.
  18. Bring passion and synchronicity of conscious and subconscious thoughts beliefs and actions into alignment with your desire.
  19. Every thing in your life is a construct of your personal interpretation of events and you give the event it’s emotional content values and strength.
  20. Constantly Improve Your Levels of learning, knowledge and skill.
  21. A. Unconscious incompetence – you don’t know that you don’t know – ignorance.
  22. B. Conscious incompetence – you know that you don’t know – realization – Student begins learning the basics – practice drill rehearse perform.
  23. C. Conscious Competence – you can do it by thinking and acting thru each step – Apprentice – perfectly practice drill rehearse perform.
  24. D. Unconscious Competence – you do it automatically as a response to a stimulus – Master – continues to learn more.
  25. Because you don’t know – that you don’t know ( that you can’t ) many times you can accomplish what others think is impossible – innocence.
  26. Whatever you mind – matters “materializes” and whatever you don’t mind – doesn’t matter “materialize”.
  27. Specifically define exactly what you want and specifically define exactly what others want and fill that desire.
  28. Model excellence using the belief system of a person who is getting the results you want.
  29. Duplicate that persons mental syntax ( order and meaning of things and the ways they think about them).
  30. Duplicate the physiology of the person you model. Talk the talk and Walk the walk.
  31. There are no failures, only the outcome of results and you always succeed in producing a outcome result.
  32. Learn from every experience and change your actions until you get the result outcome you want.
  33. You are totally responsible for your world so you take charge of it.
  34. Continually stretch “believe” yourself beyond (what you think you can) to higher levels of accomplishment.
  35. Make a personal commitment and public declaration, put it on the line, doing whatever it takes to achieve your goal.
  36. Be committed to having unconscious competence in what you do rather than cognitively understanding the nuts and bolts of how it works.
  37. Intention provides only direction, action provides results outcome.
  38. Your ability to communicate “succeed” is the response you get from others, therefore, create communication that works getting the response you want.
  39. Have a strategy and organize your life, doing things in a way you succeed attaining your goal.
  40. ”BE” what you desire in your mind. ”DO” take action on what you desire. Create you ”HAVE” your desire.
  41. Your Thoughts Become Things! – “YOUR THINGS” be careful what your focused on!

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